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Vegetation Control

Overgrown areas can be reclaimed and maintained as useful landscape gardens.

Tree Risk Assessment


A Tree Risk Assessment would have helped the property manager identify high risk trees before damage occurred.

Tree Risk Assessment Before & After

Prospective home buyers often miss important details regarding the trees on their soon-to-be properties during pre-purchase home inspections. The extensive decay on the back side of this tree would be discovered during a Pre-Purchase Landscape Inspection and Tree Risk Assessment.

This over-mature silver maple failed due to extensive decay.

Landscape Management

This area was reclaimed as a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  All non-native plants were removed and replaced with plants that are native to Massachusetts in accordance with the local conservation commission.

Plant Healthcare

Girdling roots, both above and below ground, can be removed before causing the tree to decline.


                                            Before                                                                                                            After

These high value landscape plants were moved to make room for a swimming pool.